Introducing: Weekly Writing Prompt!

Sometimes, the big ideas come from just one small, seemingly insignificant detail.

In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.

You flick through the tv channels, and it’s all either reality tv, or war on the news.

Or what if it’s not the next big thing? What if it’s to build your confidence, or get into the writing habit? How about shaking off the cobwebs? Or a way to get to know your beloved characters better?

Prompts are integral to the writing process. They keep things creative, spontaneous, and above all, fun.

So, every week I’ll be posting a list of ten writing prompts. Sometimes they’ll be themed. Sometimes they’ll be a hot mess of anything that comes to mind. Who knows!

This week's prompts

Since the first list of writing prompts comes to you in December, we’re going with something themed. This week’s theme is:

Dark and festive.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or you don’t celebrate at all — none of us can avoid the merriment, in-your-face joy, and just frankly sickening happiness-cheese that is churned out by the media during the festive season.

Well, to counter the holiday cheer, here are ten dark and festive writing prompts for us to indulge the darker side of Christmas:

  1. St Nicholas and Krampus are playing cards. Each card represents the soul of a child, and Nick is losing.

  2. They were snowed in at the cabin. It was a truly magical experience…or it would have been, if Paul stopped suggesting cannibalism every five minutes.

  3. Secret Santa. The woe of the office employee at Yule Tide, until they could toss the unwanted, horrendous gift in the bin. Except, her gift followed her home.

  4. The village had never seen anything like it. Eight-foot-tall snowmen — rendered in perfect detail they felt almost life like. Then the snow began to melt and the snowmen started to turn an awful shade of red.

  5. Two very tired, very overworked grown-ups are busy getting ready for the holidays and keep forgetting whose turn it is to move that infernal elf. But everyday, it keeps turning up in a different place.

  6. The mince pies and milk were untouched. Next to them lay a note: You were a very good boy. You got what you wanted. I’ll have the little one, next year.

  7. The boss asks everyone to stay late on Christmas Eve. They all thought it was so they could get their Christmas bonuses. It wasn’t. Or, the story of how Steve was nearly murdered in his own office.

  8. Partner A discovered that Partner B had bought an expensive gift for someone else. Partner A doesn’t take this lightly. Or, what should have happened in Love, Actually.

  9. The neighbourhood’s Christmas Committee takes the festive season very seriously, but one house on the street refuses to participate. Things escalate, and there’s only room enough in the street for one of them.

  10. The children were tired of waiting in long queues to meet Santa. So naturally, they decide to kidnap him. Kidnap mister Sandy Claws? I want to do it! Let’s draw Straws!

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