Writing prompts #3: Clean.

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For our first week of writing prompts of 2022 (what?!), we’re keeping it…


A new year is a time to cleanse, reflect, and start anew. But never fear — there is no spring cleaning, here. As always, these are prompts with a twist.


  1. Character A likes things clinical — including the people they live with.

  2. They didn’t know why Lady Macbeth was so determined to clean the blood from her hands. They thought it was great!

  3. It was the cleanest crime scene Character A had ever seen. Except for the single muddy print in the middle of the floor.

  4. The blank page was starkly white. It had been for days, thanks to Character A’s recent bout of writer’s block. Until someone sits next to them claiming to be the character Character A is about to write.

  5. The Universal Protection Committee is officially worried about Earth. The human bacteria is spreading: the Moon and Mars have been sick for a long time now and they’re only getting worse. So, the UPC decide to cleanse the problem at the root.

  6. The smell of bleach burned their nostrils. They breathed in deep; it was the best smell in the world. Too bad everyone else was choking on it.

  7. Fire: the great cleanser. Character A thought that was bullshit. All it left behind was smoke and scorch marks.

  8. For being found in the middle of the calamity caused by a burst sewage pipe, the bones were pristine. In fact, Character A was fairly sure they were glowing.

  9. History would remember this as a cleansing moment. That’s how Character A gathered their courage for what was to come.

  10. The water demons despised the land dwellers for bringing their filth into their perfect, clean waters. Character A, however, always cleaned themselves before going for a swim in the river, and the local townsfolk came to the obvious collusion that they were in cahoots with the water demons. Chaos ensued.

You’re always welcome to share anything you’ve written from these prompts. Either reply below, or share on Twitter @EditorHistory.

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