Writing prompts #5: Fit

Firstly, if you’re still going strong on your New Year resolutions to get fit and active — well done. In all seriousness, well done. I did 20 minute of core yoga this morning and wanted to die.

But, it did give me inspiration. So, this week’s writing prompts are all focused on:


Nothing’s ever as it seems over here, so don’t expect one shots about fitness journeys! Grab a pen (pencil, charcoal stub, quill, if you’re feeling fancy), and get writing.

Here are your ten ‘fit’ prompts:

  1. It cracked and crunched as Character A forced the box closed. Character B couldn’t say it didn’t fit, now.

  2. The trainer loved this incline: muddy, steep, devilishly difficult. They called it the Killer. Little did their clients know, however, that the trainer took that moniker very seriously.

  3. When Character A clipped the last piece of the jigsaw perfectly into place, they hadn’t expect the puzzle to start glowing. Or to open a portal in another world.

  4. Character A had seen Kings and Queens before them fall to gluttony and gout. That wouldn’t be their fate. They’d be the fittest, healthiest monarch the Kingdom had ever seen. Their subjects too! On pain of death.

  5. In a world ghouls and ghosts and goblins and all manner of nightmarish things, Character A always thought they’d been the odd one out, with their mushy pink flesh and dull teeth. But their family wouldn’t hear of it. Until one day, Character A meets someone just like them.

  6. The detectives were already carrying out a series of murders together; but pretending to “investigate” the crimes together was getting to be too much.

  7. One death at a gym was an accident. Two was criminal negligence. Three — Character A didn’t know what three was.

  8. History is full of anomalous moments — things that shouldn’t have happened but did anyway. Character A takes this as evidence of time travel.

  9. The Warlord looked out of the battlements of the Keep. Before them, lay hundreds, perhaps thousands of refugees who couldn’t possibly fit inside the Keep. And they were all demanding the Warlord conquer their lands.

  10. Character A tried to shackle the monster, but the shackles wouldn’t fit. The monster feels bad for Character A. They clearly haven’t been doing this for very long.

As always, I’d love to read anything written off the back of these prompts. Share direct with me here, or share on Twitter @EditorHistory.

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