Writing prompts #2: Decadence

The Death of Sardanapalus (1846) by Delacroix. Photograph: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania.

This week, as we’re on the cusp of the holiday celebrations, we’re going:


That’s right. For good or ill, decadence is all around us during the holidays. So here’s some inspiration to get you indulging those urges to write. And don’t forget, as always, these are prompts with a twist.


  1. The bedding was so deep and plush and soft. Character A had never been so comfortable in their life. But the food lining the silver platter looked delicious — and it was so far way. They just couldn’t get up. No, really. They couldn’t get up.

  2. Soft, luxurious clothes. Sparkling accessories. Delicious food, expensive wine, and the latest gizmos and gadgets. Character A wanted to experience that for Christmas — just once! Those people didn’t need all that stuff, and they wouldn’t stay long.

  3. The Monarch looked delightedly out over the court. Everything dripping in gold, even the courtiers: from the dusting on their hair to the soles of their ever-dancing feet. Never mind that gold was toxic.

  4. Character A had never asked for anything expensive in their life; until they mentioned a diamond necklace they saw in a shop window. Character B would get it for them, by any means necessary.

  5. There it was. Another little piece of chocolate, wrapped in gold. The lab had confirmed it was real gold leaf. This killer had chosen an awfully expensive signature.

  6. Character A treated their friends and family to a holiday trip: an all-expenses-paid stay on a private island. But they’re stranded as Character A steals away in the dead of night with the only boat on the island.

  7. Most people jokes that their families were feeders over the holidays, but for Character A, it was a genuine fear. They would. not. stop.

  8. When Character A had told Character B that they would convince them there was noting that could beat a real fur coat, they hadn’t expected it to go quite like this.

  9. The festive season is for indulging our desires, and yielding to temptation. No one had ever taken it quite as far as Character A.

  10. The merchant welcomed their customers jovially, handing our free gifts and shaking hands. If only they knew what their money had paid for.

If you want to share anything you’ve written based off these prompts, then you can post them on here or find me on Twitter @EditorHistory.

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