Writing prompts #4: Grey.

This week’s prompts are very much inspired by the view outside of my window. So this week, things are looking a bit…


Now that the splendour of a new year has already started to wear off, and we’re burrowing down into the monochromatic gloom of January, it’s time to embrace it. Use it. Get creative with it.

So here are this week’s prompts:

  1. People refer to the ‘grey area’: that murky place between black and white, good and bad. But no one ever told you that it was an actual, real place.

  2. People aren’t born with the ability to see in colour; only shades of grey. Until they meet the person who’s destined to kill them.

  3. It’s flesh was grey. Where there should have been scales, there were scars. Suddenly, Character A didn’t know why they’d taken up this quest in the first place.

  4. Everyone writes a ghost story of hapless people encountering the Grey Lady. Well, she’s had enough, frankly. So here’s her side of the story.

  5. As Character A snuggled down into the warm, silky fur, they thought it could be worse. They may have been carried off by a beast, but so far it had proved far kinder to them than people.

  6. Character A had collected dolls since before they could remember. They were ageless and beautiful. Their first ever doll was still in pristine condition on the shelf — or it was. Until Character A noticed a solitary grey hair growing from its head.

  7. They had been stuck in this place for so long. When they finally glimpsed the light of day through an open doorway, they nearly wept with relief. The only problem? They light was filtered through a mass of grey, ghostly bodies which stood between them and freedom.

  8. Aliens were supposed to be grey. Little grey men, that’s what they said. Turns out, aliens had been told the same about us.

  9. Plumes of white and grey smoke billowed from the chimney. Character A kept watch. They had never seen a more satisfying sight.

  10. Dorian Gray was a dick. His portrait didn’t know why no one else seemed to have cottoned on tot hat fact. Or, a tale from the perspective of Dorian Gray’s cursed portrait.

As always, if you want to share anything you’ve written for these prompts, reply below or share on Twitter @EditorHistory.

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